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About Sarah

Meet Your Coach

My name is Sarah and I am a busy wife, entrepreneur, and mother of 6. I started Shift to Thrive because I want to help women like myself love who they see in the mirror every morning by creating the life they dream of, the body they’ve always wanted through good nutrition and movement, and have a life and relationships that are thriving.

Growing up and well into adulthood I battled poor body image, emotional eating, and chronic fatigue for a lot of my life.  As a young woman in my 20’s I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism ( which I know now is Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism), and in my early thirties with sleep apnea.  After the birth of my sixth child at 42 I knew that to keep up with a busy household I was going to have to make a change.


I didn’t know who that person in the mirror looking back at me was!  I had failed many times in the past and so this time I had to approach my health journey differently.  To be the best for my family I needed to make myself a priority. I sought out the best fitness strategies and worked to discover foods that are healing and energizing for my body. 

The small shifts I made have let to huge changes.  By finding enjoyable ways to move consistently, the extra weight is gone and new, long, lean muscles have appeared.  Eliminating foods which left me lethargic and focusing on high energy foods has been a complete change in how I navigate the world.  

I believe my life experiences and passion for nutrition, health, fitness, and self-advocacy equips me in a special way to help you discover what is draining your energy and excitement for life and help you create the change that will up-level your life to one that is exciting, healthy, and thriving!

Wishing you the best,

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